Terms of Sales

Bijoux-discount.net is an online sales site, which as you can see offers of Jewelry and Accessories at extremely low prices on the market. We therefore offer the opportunity here to find high-quality products now at a price within the reach of all. Our products are all sent from France via our stocks. All our products are of superior quality.

Any order placed on the site www.bijoux-discount.net assumes knowledge and customer acceptance of our general terms and conditions below:


The site is the property of our company in its entirety, and all rights pertaining thereto. Reproduction in whole or part, is always subject to the authorization of the owners. However, hypertext links to the site are permitted without specific requests.


Bijoux-discount.net reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these terms and conditions. If modified, it will be applied to each order the general sales conditions in force at the date of the order

Article 1 - ORDER

The customer places his order according to the current process on the site and confirmed the detailed summary thereof.

The customer must provide all information necessary for the delivery. Address, access code, floor ... (and, for example, in the case of products to the specific conditions of delivery: phone number to which he can be reached in the day for making appointments).

At the first order and / or upon registration, the customer must enter their name, email address and password.

The password is strictly personal.

During each visit, when accessing personal data, or when placing an order, the customer will have been previously identified by a username and password, provided that it is not used to make payment .

The information recorded by the system Bijoux-discount.net are considered evidence worth of transactions between Bijoux-discount.net and customers.

Contractual information is presented in French and will be a confirmation containing the contractual information before the time of delivery. Bijoux-discount.net reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

Bijoux-discount.net acknowledge receipt of the purchase order by the control number display and by sending e-mail with this element.

The customer's order will be considered accepted only after validation by Bijoux-discount.net. Some orders may be subject to additional requests with the Secretariat of the customer. In this case, the customer is notified by mail to send documents to obtain the final confirmation of his order. The validation of the order is dated the day of receipt of the supporting documents and not on the date the customer places an order.

Bijoux-discount.net reserves the right to cancel the order in case of non receipt of these supporting documents or receive documents deemed non-compliant.

Customer order can be canceled for any reason whatsoever, including in case of lack of information necessary for delivery.

The customer will be informed by Bijoux-discount.net.

Article 2 - PRICE

The prices of our products are indicated in euros.

Bijoux-discount.net reserves the right to change prices, but products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of order entry.

Article 3 - VALIDATION

The customer declares to have read and accepted these terms and conditions before placing an order.

The validation of the order implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


The product offers and prices are valid until they are visible on the site, subject to availability. The availability of products shown on the site is counted in working days.

Article 5 - PRODUCTS

All our products are brand new.

Product sheets, product descriptions and pictures are only indicative.

The term "gold" or "silver" not in any way mean that the jewelry is 100%, the majority of jewelery are plated Gold / Silver.

For information on the materials it is essential to contact customer service.

Bijoux-discount.net not guarantee anything in the composition of these jewels.

The customer is aware that the jewelry he commands marked "gold" or "silver" can not be precious but plated metals.

Therefore no claims may be made about it.

Bijoux-discount.net reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without notice.

Article 6 - DELIVERY

The products are delivered to the shipping address provided during the order process.

The products are delivered by mail delivery with or without signitature following the delivery method chosen.

Bijoux-discount.net not be held responsible for consequences due to delayed delivery.

Shipment or delivery of products, which explicitly included in the description of each product, corresponds to working days.

The times indicated are average times and correspond to the time of shipment, plus the delivery times for products to metropolitan France and Monaco.

In any event, these times are given for information only and subject to availability. .

Our service does not guarantee delivery within the stated deadlines. The products are shipped within 48 hours.

The delivery occurs within generally found to 24H (excluding weekends and holidays) after the confirmation of the order (excluding items for which additional time is specifically stated when ordering).

Bijoux-discount.net can not be blamed and held responsible for the consequences of events beyond its control, including force majeure or falling due to the carrier, which would tend to delay or prevent delivery of products ordered.

temporary or permanent unavailability of products from our suppliers: In case of permanent unavailability, we will reimburse you the missing items immediately and no later than within 30 days

It may however be offered replacements articles of a quality and an equivalent price.

In case of temporary unavailability, we inform you of the date on which the product will be available again. You then have the option to maintain your order with these new deadlines or cancel. In the latter case, we will reimburse you the missing items immediately and no later than within 30 days.

Delivery or performance of the contract shall in no case entail the payment of damages to the customer or the service providers thereof.

The customer agrees, for himself or for the recipient of the order, to take delivery of the goods to the address indicated in the order.

Upon delivery, the customer or recipient of the products must, if requested, prove his identity.

The customer agrees, after opening and checking the contents of the parcel in the presence of the carrier to sign the delivery receipt presented by the deliveryman.

In case of problems, the customer will all reserves corresponding to the observations recorded on the attendance sheet, will co-sign the driver and keep a copy of the document.

In case of transport damage, the customer must refuse the damaged product to delivery and indicate "damage to Refuse" on the attendance sheet otherwise any action against it would be impossible.

By signing the delivery receipt without specific reserves, and product acceptance, customer acknowledges having received the goods in a statement giving full satisfaction.

Therefore, any claims related to the state of the delivered products can be received.

If delivery does not conform to the order in quality or quantity, the customer must inform Bijoux-discount.net, indicating the reference of the order.

Article 7 - PAYMENT

The settlement of purchases is made online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express ....) via Paypal

Article 8 - SECURING

Bijoux-discount.net the site is the subject of a security system for the SSL encryption process.

The secure payment allows quick order processing while ensuring client safety.

Through SSL client encryption process is automatically directed to the server of our partner bank. The transaction goes into secure mode ensures confidentiality of information provided. The SSL encryption ensures that the bank details (credit card number, expiration date and security code), encrypted, do not pass under any circumstances or on the network or even on the site Bijoux-discount.net.

That is why the bank references are called back for each transaction.


For information or questions, our customer service is available.

For this please refer to the tab "Contact".


All the texts, commentaries, articles, illustrations and images reproduced on Bijoux-discount.net are reserved under copyright as well as intellectual property and for the world.

As such and in accordance with the Code of intellectual property, the only authorized use for private use subject to different rules, even more restrictive code of intellectual property.

Total or partial reproduction of Bijoux-discount.net is strictly prohibited.

Article 11 - LIABILITY

The products comply with Europeene legislation and standards applicable in Europe.

Bijoux-discount.net can not be held liable for breach of contract on the occasion, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike of postal services and transport and / or communications of flood, fire.

If purchases as Bijoux-discount.net not be liable for all damages because of this, business interruption, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or expenses that may arise from the purchase of products.

The total or partial inability to use the products, particularly due to incompatibility of equipment, can not give rise to any compensation or reimbursement or questioning the responsibility of Bijoux-discount.net.

Article 12 - WARRANTY


All our products are guaranteed for one month from the date of shipment.


1 / If returned under warranty, the buyer covers the product return costs. The product is then reviewed by one of our technicians will determine whether the anomaly is within the scope of the guarantee field. If that is the case, the repaired or replaced product will be shipped at our expense.

2 / Exclusion of warranty, ARE NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY:

- Damage to the liability of a third party or resulting from an intentional act or deception.

- Damage resulting from an industrial or commercial use.

In case of anomaly, the first thing to do is send us a detailed email describing the anomaly (possibly with photos).

Many technical problems can be resolved remotely.

Article 13 - WITHDRAWAL

Pursuant to Article L.121-20 and following of the Consumer Code, you have a period of 14 working days from the delivery date of your order to return any item does not suit you, in his original packaging and in good condition, his own to relet and request an exchange or refund and no cost except the cost of return.